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LeBron James has dominated the Utah Jazz on the court, but left with many losses

After 13 games he’s only 5-8 despite his best efforts

Utah Jazz v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Tonight the Utah Jazz (23-16) will host the Cleveland Cavaliers (28-8), and the NBA’s true monarch, King James. Over his career with the Cavs, and Miami Heat, LeBron James has dominated the Jazz. He has a 50+ point game, he has a massive triple double, and four other double-doubles — and has bared missed out on others by an assist or rebound here or there. It hasn’t mattered if it was Jerry Sloan, Tyrone Corbin, or Quin Snyder — all of the defenses set up to face the King have failed. But with all of that said, he has failed in his siege of the Jazz. He’s only 5-8., AllThatAmar

But he has managed to stay one step ahead because the games LeBron is a part of that result in wins are usually big wins. Utah’s wins are much closer and more in doubt. Even with all the Jazz wins LeBron’s clubs are on top in the total score. And LeBron’s club average 97.77 points to Utah’s 95.69 offensive output. Weird.

Well, probably the more accurate point is that LeBron is a beast., AllThatAmar

For his career he averages 30.62 ppg (.5034 / .3871 / .6981) and takes 22.77 shots a game, and going to the line 8.15 times. That’s huge. That’s Karl Malone-like. LBJ is also averaging 8.54 rpg, 6.15 apg, 2.00 spg, and 0.92 bpg.

He’s been great.

His team has let him down, if anything.

Hopefully they do again, tonight.