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Utah Jazz vs Oklahoma City Thunder Overtone: The best personalities collide

Some of the most fun outside of actual basketball

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Utah Jazz (29-16) face off against the Oklahoma City Thunder (25-19) and, every time we face the Thunder, there’s always more than just the game that’s entertaining.

Even though Enes Kanter left on bad terms, we did have some great times with him. Remember this hat?

Or performing Telekinesis while wearing a Spongebob Squarepants shirt?

Love or hate Enes, he’s a character and has fit in with one of the great characters of the NBA in Steven Adams and created a fun duo known as the Stache Bros.

It’s great and I think it’s honestly helped Enes be happy. Yes, he burned bridges with the Jazz when he left, but I’m over it with Enes. He’s recently been disowned by his family for political things that I don’t understand and it was reported in Utah that he really didn’t have any friends on the team. It would be nice to know he’s happy. The guy has been through a lot and I for one don’t hold any animosity toward him any more.

Like I said, Steven Adams, has a great personality. This interview talking about guarding Tim Duncan is a great example.

Any chance to talk to Steven Adams is usually entertaining.

Finally, there’s Russell Westbrook. I don’t know if we’ll have any of the crazy Russ outfits he wears to the arena, but there’s always a chance. The best outfit he’s ever worn was the photographer’s outfit he wore to take a shot at Kevin Durant and his photography he did at the Superbowl.

It’s amazing in so many ways, but mostly because it makes fun of Kevin Durant.

Westbrook in general is a lot of fun with a personality that gets borderline crazy at times.

The Jazz have some great personalities, as well. I love Rudy Gobert and everything about his Twitter account.

Rudy’s Majin Buu tweet should honestly be retired and put up in the rafters. Would anyone be against retiring tweets? I wouldn’t.

The other personality I love on the Jazz is Joe Ingles. He’s always doing something to keep things lighthearted. I really loved this exchange he had with Rudy.

These teams are a lot of fun and not just for their high level of play, but the personalities coming to the arena every night. Here’s to hoping we get a win and more Rudy Gobert walk-off interviews with Kristen Kenney!