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Game Recap: Utah Jazz Destroyed by Phoenix Suns

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Which team was supposed to a dumpster fire?

NBA: Utah Jazz at Phoenix Suns Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Game Summary

The Utah Jazz visited the Phoenix Suns after their loss at the LA Clippers yesterday. This game was not safe to watch as a Jazz Fan. It was a horrible, despicable, and sad display.

Whatever happened in the third quarter yesterday infected the Utah Jazz in the first quarter. There were only horrible Halloween nightmares and sad trombones. The Jazz scored only 13 points and looked miserable.

The misery continued in the early second quarter, with the Jazz falling behind by 17 at 34-17. While the bench has been a strength in the first four games, they provided almost nothing in the box score in the first half - 1 point, 5 boards, 4 assists, 3 blocks, and 4 TOVs in 40 minutes of action for Thabo, Udoh, Neto, JJ, and Mitchell.

Rodney, Rudy, and Ricky came to play in the second though, and combined for 36 of the 41 points scored. And Rudy hit a jumper!

The third quarter reverted to a terrible horror show.

The fourth quarter started badly. It got close. But then it ended badly.

Game Notes

TJ Warren killed the Jazz. 27 points on 20 shots.

The bench had 9 points on 18 shots. They were 3-18 on FGA.

The Jazz were outrebounded by 11. Alex Len had 9 offensive rebounds in 30 minutes of play.

The Jazz had 24 turnovers. Rubio led the way with 7, followed by Gobert with 4, then a a three way tie between Sefolosha, Hood, and Mitchell with 3.

May the Jazz rest up and get themselves back into some sort of basketball shape before their next game.