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Utah Jazz vs Milwaukee Bucks Overtone: Two young cores trying to stay healthy

Neither team can catch a break ... erm .. I mean stay healthy...

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz (35-22) are in Milwaukee to face the Bucks (25-30) tonight. The Jazz are back from the all star break after some much needed R&R.

Charged up

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I’m happy to see all the pictures of players resting on beautiful beaches and I’m not going to whine at all about it snowing the past few days in Salt Lake City.

What I do hope is that the Jazz can come back from the break well rested, and hopefully, fully recovered from injury.

The exciting news for this game is it looks like Rodney Hood is likely to be back!

When Rodney went down with his hyperextended knee a few weeks ago, we all feared the worst. It looked really bad.

After the game, we learned there wasn’t any structural damage or a tear. You could almost feel the sigh of relief through twitter.

But it was the opposite for the Bucks and Jabari Parker.

Recently, the Bucks rising young star found out he had torn another ligament in his knee after tearing his ACL a second time. After having surgery, his timetable is unknown.

It’s a devastating and all too familiar story for both franchises to see one of their young, promising talents fall to injury. Both Jabari Parker and Dante Exum tore an ACL early in their careers. Now Jabari has fallen for the second time and it’s incredibly frustrating.

I for one am rooting for Jabari and can’t wait to watch him return. Get well soon, Jabari!

The good news for the Bucks is Khris Middleton has returned and playing about 20 minutes per game and shooting it surprisingly well after so much time off, even if it’s been only four games he’s played.

Here’s to hoping Rodney and Khris come back fully healthy and both teams can have a strong final push into the playoffs.