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Utah Jazz vs Washington Wizards: Five Things to Watch

After beating down the Bucks in Milwaukee, the Jazz face the red-hot Wizards. Be aware of useless comparisons!

NBA: Washington Wizards at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

How do you like that? A rare Sunday game preview. In honor of that, let me direct your attention to one of the new nicknames for Jazz Nation. Behold:

So, in honor of this, here's something to think about:

On second thought, maybe the Jazz are in the clear here. Nobody in their right mind would "seek after" this Wizards team, who are 16-4 in their last 20 games. Many people, including me, wrote these guys off when they struggled at the beginning of the season. No longer. Let’s look at these Washington Wizards and what we should watch for.

  1. John Wall vs. The Wall

Wow, John Wall is a bargain.

2. Danuel House vs. White House

Well, I guess if you’re trying to find the most expensive things in Washington the Wizards aren’t a great place to look. Moving on . . .

3. Washington Wizards vs. Hogwarts Wizards

Last time they met, the Washington Wizards superior performance behind the three-point line gave them the edge, but the upcoming Quidditch match should be interesting. No word on whether or not Gilbert Arenas will be trying to hex the Hogwarts Wizards’ broomsticks from the stands. Here’s hoping that resident Utah Jazz magician Rudy Gobert makes the Wizard’s inside game disappear today.

4. Otto Porter Jr. vs Ken Griffey Jr.

Just a rising star vs a 13x all-star. No big deal.

5. Trey Burke vs Doris Burke

Sorry to do this to you, Trey. But it had to be done. For science, or something. Don’t show your dad.