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Utah Jazz vs Sacramento Kings: Overtone - #KangsTwitter

The NBA and Twitter seem to go hand-in-hand.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

I joined Twitter back in 2011 for the sole purpose of DMing Greg Miller about how grateful I was for the Jazz and that I appreciated the Miller family’s efforts to keep them in Utah. No, really. I got hooked after that, but deleted my account later when I served my LDS mission. Having been back in Utah and back on twitter for awhile, I’ve discovered that the twitter communities of other teams can be pretty fun, especially the ones connected to SB Nation. One of my favorites is #Kangz twitter, for a few reasons.

1. They understand the struggle of rooting for a small-market team.

Seriously, there are few Sacramento Kings fans outside of the SacTown metro area, just as there are few Utah Jazz fans outside of the state of Utah (I know, I know—they do exist. But a guy like Amar in Chicago is kind of a unicorn.) They get that their market and team isn’t the flashiest or sexiest free-agent destination, but they cheer for them anyway.

2. The SacTown Royalty guys are hilarious. Here are a few of the accounts I follow:

(This guy also tweets for the StR account)

Fair warning, those guys don’t always stick to sports. So if that upsets you then don’t follow them. I follow them because they’re funny and they’re passionate about basketball, not because I agree with them all the time. I'll let you go down the twitter rabbit hole from there.

3. Pity mixed with schadenfreude

Okay, this one is mean, but sometimes watching the Kings is like watching a train plunge off a cliff in slow-motion: it’s horrible, but so fascinating that you just can’t look away. Also, when I’m feeling uneasy about the Jazz I remind myself that the Kings exist, so things really aren’t so bad.

Yep. I’m a horrible human being. Don’t @me.