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Utah Jazz vs. New Orleans Pelicans: Overtone - The Cousins Effect

And will that effect be a positive or negative one for the Pels?

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

There is one question that has been buzzing around the league ever since the trade happened.

Is Demarcus Cousins the best player out there to make your team lose?

It is the most intriguing experiment of which you’re happy it’s another team that is conducting it.

On one hand, who can resist seeing one of the most skilled big man teaming up with one of the most skilled big man to make up one of the most skilled of front courts? These are not your grandma’s I-only-play-one-side-of-the-court big men, no sir. These duds can clog the lanes, block the shots, rebound them balls, but also put up the points, pass those rocks, and hit the outside jumpers.

Imagine, Gobert and Cousins!

Then again, imagine Gobert and Cousins.

One thing is for sure though, Cousins has gone on a rebounding bonanza, and Davis is scoring like a man possessed ever since the trade. He has scored between 29 and 39 points every match Cousins has been on the court with him.

You’ve got to like any addition that makes your star player shine that bright, really.

Then again, Cousins only has one season in which he has won more than 30 games, which was last year.

He wasn’t winning with Dave Joerger, not with Mike Malone, not with George Karl, and not with Paul Westphal (who actually was one of the coaches during the SLC all-star game).


However, he was taking plays off, he was getting Ts, and he was getting rejections with all of them.

The Jazz sometimes have a bit of that goody-two-shoes image. Favors is a bit too quiet, Hayward a bit too clean, Snyder a bit too friendly with the refs. Not too mention silent Rodney, stone faced Joe, and sweet cheeks Dante.

Is the talent and the extrovert personality worth the potential fuss and hassle?

Whatever the answer is to that one, the new, hot frontcourt duo will face formidable foes in Gobert and Favors tonight in a match-up that, hopefully, won’t be dragged down too much by fatigue on both sides.