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Utah Jazz vs San Antonio Spurs: Overtone

Groundhog Day in Jazzland

NBA: Utah Jazz at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Utah Jazz (50! - .... who cares we got 50!!!!) are facing the San Antonio Spurs (61-20) while hoping the Sacramento Kings can win a game to give us what we need.

What’s that you say? Deja vu? No, my friend, it’s happening again. Our home court advantage is in the hands of the Boogie-less Sacramento Kings. At least this time our entire playoff hopes aren’t up to them also. This Jazz team has already proven it’s mettle, overcoming an incredible amount of injuries to cement themselves as one of the contenders. Home court advantage would be nice, though. Could you do this for us Sacramento?

I like the sound of that.

But to make that possible, the Jazz have to beat the Spurs. San Antonio head coach Gregg Popovich has said nobody’s going to rest these last two games.

It won’t be easy for the Jazz in their final game of the season, now facing a possible MVP in Kawhi Leonard and every other available Spur. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The last time we played the Spurs in a meaningful game at the end of a season was in the playoffs five years ago. This team has so much more talent than that playoff team (led by Al Jefferson) and more fight ... and Rudy Gobert. The years of painful tanking and rebuilding have all been worth it. To win this game would put it all in full circle.

NBA: Utah Jazz at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

And the Jazz are ready this time. The offseason brought on the necessary pieces to make it to these playoffs and the players have answered the call. The Jazz can go into this game and not worry about how bad the Kings are. Either way we make it to the playoffs.

It’s time for all of us Jazz fans to forget the downers of last season. I had to drive to Logan the night we lost to the Clippers. I couldn’t believe what I was listening to as I drove. It was like a Jordan push-off to my heart over and over. When I got to my mother-in-law’s house, I had to smile through gritted teeth and then try not to cry as me and my brother-in-law drove back to Salt Lake. It was a long drive for me.

Then, a few days later, knowing we only had the slimmest of chances we watched the Kings fail to beat the Rockets. That same night, knowing before our final game we were officially eliminated, we got to watch Kobe Bryant score 60 to end our season.

But no longer, my friends. The Jazz are back in the playoffs after this game, win or lose. My hope is the Jazz treat this one like a high level practice. If it’s close near the end and we know we have a chance then go for it. If not, who cares because the JAZZ ARE BACK IN THE PLAYOFFS!