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Utah Jazz were humbled by the Minnesota Timberwolves in last game they played

On March 1st the Jazz laid an egg at home. Since then what has happened?

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz are hosting the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight. And let’s be real, this is the last “Trap Game” of the season. The Wolves are missing key players, like starting shooting guard Zach LaVine, bruising big Nikola Pekovic, and stretch big Nemanja Bjelica. Furthermore, the Wolves are playing in the second game of a back to back that’s also the third game in four nights. Oh, and in case we all forgot, the last time these two teams played we saw the Jazz get beat down, at home, by 27.

That loss was the worst beating Utah has ever taken at the hands of Minnesota.

Overall, the Jazz are up 77-38, which is a .669 winning percentage. Utah is even more dominant at home, defending their court at a 42-15 record -- a .737 winning percentage. But, oh course, the Jazz got rolled at home by these guys last time.

And I think we need to put that beat down into the big picture.

So here’s what it looks like as a sequence of the final margin +/- over the 115 times they have played.


Yeah, that’s what the “worst ever loss” looks like. And here’s the frequency distribution:


This is a lot of wins, at that over 2:1 ratio. But a 2:1 ratio really isn’t dominant. Especially when you see the first 25 games had the Jazz winning 20.

However, in context of this 2016-2017 Jazz we have to see that losing by 27 may have been a wake-up call. The team has not lost at home since that embarrassment - stringing off seven straight wins in front of the home crowd.

I hope they go into the playoffs on a big streak. And if they are going to do so they need to make sure that they take care of business tonight.