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Utah Jazz History

Christmas wishes for the 2023 Utah Jazz

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Recreating John Stockton’s “The Shot” Tecmo Style

This Christmas I wanted to give everyone a recreation of my favorite Jazz memory

Revisiting the Markkanen-Hayward comparison

Lauri Markkanen has demonstrated All-Star level play this season which has prompted comparisons to Gordon Hayward’s last season in Utah

Rudy Gobert leaves Utah as a Jazz legend

A look the Stifle Tower’s legacy in Utah

Utah Jazz 3PM record: a history

The Utah Jazz have a rich history of excellent 3P shooters but a look back at history highlights Bojan Bogdanovic’s incredible, record setting night in OKC

Jazz franchise leaderboard update: The three-point revolution is evident

Four of the franchise’s top ten in three-point makes have played for the team this season

Joe Ingles: an unlikely Utah Jazz legend

With the sad news of Ingles’ injury, we look back on what has been a great career so far

What past Finals teams’ top offensive players says about the Jazz

Opportunity abounds for the Utah Jazz in scoring volume

A deficit in scoring volume over the past couple seasons is shaping up to be one of Utah’s biggest opportunities for 2021-22

Joe Ingles and fine wine; you get the idea

Joe Ingles must be connoisseur of all things that better with age as he puts together the best season of his career at age 33

Utah Jazz belong at All-Star Weekend

All-Star weekend is better when the Jazz and its history are a part of the action

The Utah Jazz point guard curse is finally broken

Jazz fans can once again feel confident in their floor general

The 5 Best Utah Jazz teams of All-Time according to FiveThirtyEight’s RAPTOR

FiveThirtyEight has a new metric for the NBA. Let’s use it to argue.

Remembering Tom Nissalke: 5 stories about the first coach in *Utah* Jazz history

The former Utah Jazz head coach passed away at the age of 87 on August 23rd.

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Best Defensive Players in Utah Jazz History

The best defenders in Utah Jazz history