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The Utah Jazz are Considering Building a New Arena, Potentially in Draper.

Ryan Smith Has Aspirations to Have an Entertainment District Around the Potential New Arena and Bring an NHL Team to Utah

Delta Center signage returns to Salt Lake City arena (

Smith Entertainment Group has expressed interest in building a new arena for the Utah Jazz and an NHL team in Draper. Salt Lake City’s mayor and other SLC stakeholders will try to keep the Jazz in downtown SLC.

The rationale behind moving the team arena south to Draper would be the creation of an entertainment district that would be surrounding the new arena. This potential entertainment district could include restaurants, bars, hotels, stores and other businesses. the Smith Entertainment Company would own the entertainment district. Other big market sports teams have created entertainment districts around their arenas and have generated considerable revenue because of them.

The current Delta Center is not ideal for hosting an NHL team (capped seating capacity for hockey games with the Delta centers construction), which is something Ryan Smith has expressed interest in.

The bottom line, key aspects of the potential new arena would be building it with the goal of hosting both an NBA and NHL team. Additionally, it would be easier to build out an entertainment district in Draper than in packed downtown Salt Lake City.