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Quick hits from Utah Jazz player's posts on social media.

WATCH: Donovan Mitchell draws foul on drive to the paint, hits FT to win

Just your friendly Neighborhood Spida-Man saving the day.

BOSSMAN GETS GAME WINNER: Former Jazzman Jae Crowder hits game winner


Donovan Mitchell gets hit in the web shooter, Joe Ingles can’t help but laugh

We are all children when it comes to sophomoric comedy.

Bojan Bogdanovic in Jazz’s throwbacks seems to recreate John Stockton’s ‘Shot’

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

WATCH: Donovan Mitchell takes over 2nd qtr and destroys the rim

Spida-Man is here to save the day.

#TakeNote returns: Utah Jazz release new ‘Noted’ video hyping #TakeNote campaign

Good riddance to #TeamIsEverything. Welcome back #TakeNote, our prodigal son.

QUIZ! Which Utah Jazz player are you?

It’s Utah Jazz media day. Time to figure out which Utah Jazz player you are.

Spida-Man—Donovan Mitchell—out here trying to bring Zendaya into the NBA Cinematic Universe

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

Donovan Mitchell gets the BdotAdot5 treatment

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Utah Jazz released awesome player art of team in throwback jerseys

What does everyone look like in throwback mountain jerseys?

Chinese NBA fans and netizens, you’re dragging the most down-to-earth guy in the NBA, Donovan Mitchell

It now appears that Donovan Mitchell-China controversy was all manufactured.

Donovan Mitchell stars in “Spider-Man: Far From Home” commercial

This is the most ambitious crossover in history

Donovan Mitchell and Mike Conley are already working out together

Spida x Conley is already a thing

New Jazzman Mike Conley accidentally refers to Salt Lake City as “City of Utah”

Woops. Don’t worry. Donovan Mitchell said he’d let it slide ... this time.

Could D’Angelo Russell to Utah be a possibility?

Where there’s smoke there’s always fire

16 years ago Kyle Korver was traded to the 76ers for a copy machine

Kyle Korver - 1, Nets Copy Machine - 0

Ricky Rubio’s business partner posts on social media: ‘Utah its been real’

Appears that Ricky Rubio’s business partner, Lucas Charte, doesn’t plan on coming back to the Beehive State.

Ricky Rubio to Rudy Gobert for the ... REVERSE ALLEY-OOP???

Who needs the All-Star game when you got highlights like these?

Donovan Mitchell throws pass off backboard to Rudy Gobert for the dunk!

We think he called glass.

If you loved the new Utah Jazz Vivint ads, you’ll love the bloopers even more!

How are the bloopers even better?

Adam Sandler reports to Utah Jazz practi—ADAM SANDLER WHAT?

Adam Sandler joins the Utah Jazz during practice. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?


Ricky Rubio may meow, but now he needs to know if you’ve seen this dog.

OF COURSE Boris Diaw is in Utah for Sundance, why wouldn’t he be?

Raul Neto and Ekpe Udoh joined him

Jazz’s Ricky Rubio, Royce O’Neale star in new Vivint Smart Home commercial

Vivint Smart Home is cranking out the Jazz hits.

Gregg Popovich cites Jerry Sloan: ‘What are you watching film for?’

Game recognizes game.

Bat terrorizes Vivint Smart Home Arena, Jazz Bear saves the day

Who needs Manu Ginobili when you have a bear?

Donovan Mitchell with the fastball (pass) to the outside of the paint!

THANK GOD Donovan Mitchell decided to go with basketball instead of baseball.

Donovan Mitchell asked fans courtside to ‘GET LOUD’, it worked

Donovan Mitchell asked a group of fans courtside to ‘Get Loud’ on a crucial play late in the game. It paid off big time.

Derrick Favors ejected after altercation with Mason Plumlee


Donovan Mitchell lands another sponsorship deal, signs with BODYARMOR

Donovan Mitchell’s star continues to rise.

Utah Jazz players star in hilarious commercials

Hollywood, here they come.

Utah Jazz’s Kyle Korver just got caught SHAQTIN A FOOL

Kyle Korver tried to inbound the ball when it was still in play. Whoops.


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