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First Look: Possible preview of Utah Jazz’s City Uniforms

We have a possible preview of the Utah Jazz’s City uniforms courtesy of Conrad Burry and Danny Hansen.

We’ve known since July that the Utah Jazz’s city uniform would have some sort of Orange to Gold gradient, and now you can add deep red to the mix. Conrad Burry released this image of the Jazz’s snapback hat that will be available here soon:

In case people are worried these are fake, never fear, for there was a FANZZ employee who got eager about getting things on the FANZZ website. OOOPS.

We know from the last renders of the jersey that dropped a few weeks ago that they’ll look something like this:

Conrad Burry

But now with the look of the hats you have to wonder if the gradients will be less Houston Astro-like and more similar to the hats. These city uniforms are definitely going to be like nothing we have ever seen before.