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Nike City Utah Jazz jerseys to be revealed on 12/27

Still no purple, though.

The Utah jazz announced via Twitter this afternoon that the new Nike City Edition jerseys will be released soon. How soon, you ask? Take a look:

They aren’t the worst things in the world. Red is definitely a new color for the team, but overall this is a good thing. For too long the Jazz have only marketed to the Salt Lake City metro area, even seeming to leave out the major centers of Ogden, Logan, and Provo at times.

Well, no longer. Even if the jerseys tank, this is a positive step in the right direction from the marketing department. December 27th will be the big reveal, and it should be exciting.

Oh, and for all you people who think Utah should give up the name “Jazz,” I have this to say:

Leave us alone. The Jazz name is ours, and it’s going to stay ours. Deal with it.