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G.I. Joe: A little blood won’t keep Joe Ingles off the court

Joe Ingles got roughed up and went back out on the court like a good soldier.


Looks like Joe Ingles isn’t a fan of Headband Joe Ingles.


Joe Ingles ended up getting stitches after the game. Crazy enough, this is the first time the habitual instigator has received stitches. Joe Ingles also said he fulfilled a life long goal of trending on twitter.

Original Story

Joe Ingles is known for being a tough guy, but he took that reputation to legend status tonight as he was hit across the face and began bleeding.

Utah’s trainers first started to use a glue to try to close the wound, but, as they began re-taping Joe Ingles’ finger, the glue compound had broke and Ingles was bleeding on his face once again. So Joe Ingles did what any good soldier did. He took the tape that was for his finger and had the trainers wrap his head like a Revolutionary soldier.

Joe Ingles even put the game away. Look at him come in and close this game like a true digger.

There was one last foul by Marc Gasol on Joe Ingles before the game was over. Joe Ingles jokingly said to Quin Snyder, “Yo, just get me out of this game.” To which Marc Gasol replied, “I’ve got one more.”

NBA is undefeated.

All hail Headband Joe.