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Donovan Mitchell crashes a Jazz fan’s 4th of July BBQ

He didn’t even wait until his Player’s Tribune piece dropped before he attended. Amateur.

No one wants to spend the 4th of July by themselves. It’s a pain. You have to fire up the grill and only cook for yourself. You have to look at your friends’ Instagram that is filled with pictures of their awesome party. It’s a drag. Well ... Donovan Mitchell wasn’t going to go it alone on 4th of July. Ever the man of the people, Donovan Mitchell evidently learned what not to do on 4th of July from a prior Utah Jazzman who collectively ruined every Jazz fan’s BBQ by his decision/indecision/decision/article one year ago today. Donovan decided he’d spend 4th of July with his people.

Tons of Jazz fans offered their services and grills. One BBQ caught Donovan’s eye.

This was not just an empty tweet for clickzzzz. No. Donovan Mitchell is a man of his word. HE SHOWED UP BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT SUPERSTARS DO ON THE 4TH OF JULY.

While Gordon Hayward broke the collective heart of Utah last 4th of July, Donovan Mitchell is showing a more personal touch by healing that heart one BBQ at a time.