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[UPDATE] Donovan Mitchell may be getting a Signature Shoe after all

#ShoeWatch is back on!!!

Donovan Mitchell’s Instagram


Just when it looked like we had fallen hook, line, and sinker for an NBA2K commercial, Rudy Gobert threw us another curveball. On Rudy Gobert’s instagram he had this to say about the Utah Jazz’s premier guard.

Just look at Donovan. He looks like the kid at the arcade whose parents bought him the Deluxe Birthday Party group package. He’s got a pocket full of tokens for days.

Then Donovan posted another hint toward his shoe. Once again he’s using the shoe emoji. If he was just shooting an NBA2K commercial and wasn’t getting a signature shoe, why would he use the shoe emoji? He’s gotta be getting a shoe.


So it’s not a signature shoe commercial. *sighs* It’s actually a spot for NBA2K. BUT STILL, OUR MANS IS GETTING PROMO TIME BY NBA2K. You know everyone on that Utah Jazz team is going to look GOOD in 3D.

Still cool, but it looks like we will be waiting for that Signature Shoe. C’mon, Adidas. We’re waiting ...

Donovan Mitchell has been everywhere this NBA offseason. He’s been at the NBA Finals, Euroleague Championships, China, the NBA Draft, the NBA Awards show via a “Rookie?” Adidas van, a 3 on 3 tournament in Utah, the Utah Summer League, random fans’ 4th of the July BBQs, and now Las Vegas Summer League. This is new ground for any Utah Jazz player, let alone a rookie. Never has a person who occupied a spot on a Utah Jazz roster been this popular.

Karl Malone? In Utah, yes, but not outside of Utah.

John Stockton? Didn’t even get recognized while traveling.

Andrei Kirilenko? Only when he got that back tattoo.

Deron Williams? Perpetually in the shadow of Chris Paul and didn’t make an All Star game until he went to Ea.

Carlos Boozer? Only when media outlets needed to recycle stories about Prince.

Gordon Hayward? I mean, really.

Rudy Gobert? Twitter famous on NBA Twitter.

But Donovan Mitchell, he’s kids chasing down his car in New York famous, he’s kids yelling his name in Europe famous, and, from the sound of it, he’s about to be Signature Shoe famous.

First, Donovan Mitchell put this video out on twitter.

The video shows Donovan in a stadium with a Utah Jazz court with players in Philadelphia 76ers and Oklahoma City Thunder uniforms. It would appear that Donovan Mitchell is shooting a commercial. But for what? The last Utah Jazz player to get his own commercial was Gordon Hayward and it was for a mattress company. Not exactly the kind of production values of a potential Adidas commercial.

Then Donovan Mitchell tweets out something a little more on the nose.

It would appear that Donovan Mitchell is in line to get his own Adidas Signature Shoe. If he does get his own signature shoe, he’d be joining the likes of James Harden, Damian Lillard, and Derrick Rose. The last Utah Jazzman to have his own signature shoe? Karl Malone with the infamous LA Gear Catapults.

We have a feeling that Donovan Mitchell’s shoes will be much better than The Mailman’s. No offense, Karl.