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First look at Utah Jazz purple throwback uniforms


Earlier this year it was reported by Conrad Burry that the Utah Jazz would be throwing out some purple beauties this year on the court. When that was reported, they were thought to look more like the early Pistol Pete-type era days. We now have confirmation via a leak through EA Sports NBA Live that the Utah Jazz will not dig THAT deep into the wayback machine, but they will bring out the Darrell Griffith and Adrian Dantley era uniforms. These are the uniforms that Stockton and Malone were drafted into. Take a look below.

While the player renderings are rough—we’re talking about NBA Live here—we now know that the Utah Jazz are going back to the purple jerseys of yesteryear, albeit with a swoosh and a “5 for the Fight” ad placement. What has not been confirmed is if the Utah Jazz are going to wear those shorts the true and rightful way, 10 inches above the knee. Can you imagine Ricky Rubio, Donovan Mitchell, Joe Ingles, Derrick Favors, and Rudy Gobert taking the court in the *short* shorts glory?

The Utah Jazz have not yet officially announced these throwback uniforms, but with NBA Live rumbling, bumbling, and stumbling to keep the most minute of secrets out of their demo, the Utah Jazz can’t be far away from making a formal announcement.