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Donovan Mitchell asked fans courtside to ‘GET LOUD’, it worked

Donovan Mitchell asked a group of fans courtside to ‘Get Loud’ on a crucial play late in the game. It paid off big time.


With the game in jeopardy of turning to Denver’s favor, injury depleted Utah could really use some extra defenders on the court. That would be illegal so Donovan did the next best thing: recruit fans for screaming.

On a crucial out of bounds play he asked some fans courtside to ‘GET LOUD’. And did they ever. They were so loud that they helped the Utah Jazz force the Denver Nuggets into a 5 second violation late in the game. An odd self inflicted wound in such a tight game by a really good team.

Jazz fan, Ryan, says in his tweet that it was a group that included his sister. After the play, you could see Donovan tell “Good Job!” to the fans and even gave them a big high five. Andy Larsen of the Salt Lake Tribune got more details on it.

Donovan Mitchell is a national treasure.