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Donovan Mitchell gets hit in the web shooter, Joe Ingles can’t help but laugh

We are all children when it comes to sophomoric comedy.

Donovan Mitchell and the Utah Jazz had an amazing night in their Mountain Jerseys. Mitchell finished with a very efficient 15 points on 6 of 9 shooting. But the old web shooter may be feeling a bit sore today from last night’s game. While laying on the ground after a play ended, the ball ended up hitting Spida in the web shooter.

Let’s all agree this is objectively REALLY FUNNY. Why? Well as we all know from America’s Funniest Home Videos or any youtube video ever, guys getting hit in the Spaldings is hilarious. And Joe Ingles—JUST LIKE THE HERO THAT HE IS—finds is absolutely HILARIOUS.


If you missed it, the Utah Jazz ran the Sacramento Kings out of the building. The Jazz’s starters finally got rolling. Check out our recap here.