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Ricky Rubio’s business partner posts on social media: ‘Utah its been real’

Appears that Ricky Rubio’s business partner, Lucas Charte, doesn’t plan on coming back to the Beehive State.

Ricky Rubio has been in the news recently for his comments to the Spanish Outlet AS saying that he wasn’t sure about returning to Utah.

All that has affected me, without a doubt. If the question had been asked a year ago, I’d signed with them with my eyes closed. Now, from here to July, many things can happen.

While Utah’s flirtations with Mike Conley were blatantly obvious from trade rumors this past season, it appears that at least one person of Rubio’s inner circle is not planning on returning to the Beehive State. Rubio’s business partner, Lucas Charte, posted an Instagram story with the caption “Utah its [sic] been real” with the song C’mon Utah! by Shovels and Rope. Lucas can be singing along to the chorus which has these lyrics:

Well, come on Utah

Get me over that hill

We got ten more miles, oh now, turn that dial

We’re never coming back again

This could be yet another sign that the Gordon Hayward arranged marriage between the Utah Jazz and Ricky Rubio is coming to an end this summer.