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16 years ago Kyle Korver was traded to the 76ers for a copy machine

Kyle Korver - 1, Nets Copy Machine - 0

Creighton University

Every player has a draft story. Some players remember who was drafted before them, some remember who was drafted after, some remember who they traded for on draft day, and then there’s Kyle Korver who remember’s what he was traded for on draft day. The 51st pick in the 2003 NBA Draft which belonged to the New Jersey—now Brooklyn—Nets was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers for cash considerations. Now Kyle Korver doesn’t know the dollar amount, but he does remember what it was spent on. In a speech at a Creighton University Graduation, Kyle Korver gives the deets.

Yeah ... a copy machine. Kyle Korver was traded for a copy machine and jokes on the Nets because that copy machine is BR-ROKE.

While the copy machine broke down a couple of years ago, Kyle Korver himself has given some reservations about padding his lead on that old Xerox. At locker room clean out in April he gave his reservations about returning to basketball for a 17th consecutive season.

“There’s a real cost as you get older,” he said of playing professional basketball. “There’s what you need to put into the game, but there’s also a family cost. That’s probably where I’m at is weighing that cost.”

Korver said that, “I think I still love playing basketball,” but it’s been a “long few years” for him with the unexpected 2018 passing of his brother Kirk, the fact he has young children, multiple trades and heartbreak coming up short of a championship in the NBA Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As such, he said he’ll sit down with his wife and family and make the decision at some point. He expressed some excitement about the prospect of being able to work on his game since he’ll have a longer offseason than he’s had the past few years, but in the same thought, he noted that he’s “tired right now.”

“If there’s juice left, I’d still love to do it,” he said. “We’ll find out.”

Whatever Kyle decides, the Nets probably would like to go back in time and use that draft pick on Kyle Korver instead of a copy machine.