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New Jazzman Mike Conley accidentally refers to Salt Lake City as “City of Utah”

Woops. Don’t worry. Donovan Mitchell said he’d let it slide ... this time.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

When getting traded to a new team, there’s always a transition period. There’s new sights, new players, new schemes, and getting to know the new city. Mike Conley who has grown accustomed to saying “The City of Memphis” as part of his vernacular for the past 12 years in Memphis had a slip of the tongue and made the forgivable mistake of referencing Salt Lake City by its stage name: The City of Utah.

Now this isn’t the first—nor the last time—Salt Lake City has been called the City of Utah. Utah is one of the few teams in the NBA referenced by its state/geographical area and not the city. Only the Golden State Warriors share that unique naming quality. However, it was just only a little bit ago that Donovan Mitchell made the ultimatum.

Luckily, Mike Conley is a seasoned floor general and he pivoted quickly. Offering up a correction on the tweet and quick apology.

Donovan Mitchell is willing to let this one slide.

Honestly, Mike Conley calls Utah home, he can call Salt Lake City whatever he wants.