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Walker Wednesday: Walker Kessler is taking over Utah by destroying its children in basketball

Walker Kessler is going to be such a fan favorite it’s crazy

Phoenix Suns v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

Once in a while, a player joins the Utah Jazz that immediately grips the fanbase and quickly becomes a fan favorite. Walker Kessler is quickly joining the ranks of former fan favorites. Much like Kyrylo Fesenko before, whose personality was so genuinely funny and endearing you couldn’t help but love and root for him, Kessler is becoming just as big of a fan favorite and it’s time we appreciate it more here at SLC Dunk!

What’s great about Kessler is that he’s not just goofy, but he’s been dominating on the court since the moment he started playing for the Jazz. Whether it’s his impressive defensive ability, or his incredible hands and offensive rebounding on offense, Kessler made an impact right away. The thing that will make a player a fan favorite though is the personality and Kessler is genuinely funny and endearing like Fesenko was. That’s why I’m creating Walker Wednesdays, much like Fesenko Fridays back in the day. I don’t know if there will always be Walker Kessler-related content available, especially during the season, but we’ll do our best!

For this Walker Wednesday there’s quite a bit of Walker Kessler news. On top of being selected to Team USA (awesome!) Kessler has been traveling with the Jazz to multiple cities and towns across Utah to meet with Junior Jazz kids that might not get an opportunity to go see a Jazz game.

Here are some of the highlights the Jazz have shared from that trip.

This first video is of Walker Kessler destroying every kid's shot at the rim and dunking on them.

More video of Kessler dunking on kids.

Here are pictures of Kessler talking with the kids he’s about to destroy.

Here is a video of Kessler at Delicate Arch at Arches National Park

Here is a video of Kessler telling kids to eat their vegetables and being much taller than them.

Video of Kessler destroying more kids at basketball.

Probably the best one of all is this one where he makes the three and forces the kids that didn’t think he could do it to do their pushups.

I will end this here by saying it’s really fun to have Walker Kessler on the Jazz and it’s going to be great watching him for many years to come.