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Utah Jazz Trade Rumors

Utah Jazz trade rumor: Bojan Bogdanovic trade coming soon?

It’s being reported it could be soon

NBA Trade Rumor: Phoenix Suns interested in Jazz’s Bojan Bogdanovic?

According to Brian Windhorst that may be possible

Trade coming? Lakers targeting Utah Jazz’s Bojan Bogdanovic, Jordan Clarkson, and Malik Beasley

A trade between the Jazz and the Lakers makes a lot of sense for both sides

Latest Utah Jazz trade rumors: Jazz reveal trade value for Bogdanovic, Clarkson, and Beasley

Bojan Bogdanovic, Malik Beasley, and Jordan Clarkson have value, but how much?

Training camp & season kickoff aren’t the deadlines they’re made out to be

As the season looms closer, Utah shouldn’t feel pressured to trade Donovan Mitchell since their future plans can still be carried out while negotiations continue.

Are the Utah Jazz hoping to get the Donovan Mitchell trade done by training camp?

Are all the rumors that the Jazz want a trade by training camp coming from Danny Ainge?

More insights about the Donovan Mitchell trade discussions between the Jazz and Knicks

This is a Donovan Mitchell trade rumor blog now

All the latest Utah Jazz trade rumors

Are the Utah Jazz going to facilitate a trade with the Lakers and Russell Westbrook?

NBA Trade Rumor: Utah Jazz interested in Russell Westbrook?

NBA free agency just gets more and more interesting for the Utah Jazz now that they’re thinking of Westbrook

SLC Dunk Podcast: Will Donovan Mitchell get traded to the Knicks?

Narratives dominate Donovan Mitchell trade talks

As Donovan Mitchell trade discussions evolve as the offseason marches on, public facing narratives are dominate the landscape as both sides aim to establish leverage in negotiations

The Utah Jazz and New York Knicks have begun trade negotiations for Donovan Mitchell

Trade talks are happening between the Utah Jazz and the New York Knicks

The Utah Jazz are willing to listen to trade offers for Donovan Mitchell

2022 NBA Free Agency is looking to be even more explosive for the Utah Jazz and Donovan Mitchell

All of the recent Utah Jazz free agency and trade rumors

The Utah Jazz are active in trade talks and free agency

Why a Gobert to the Hawks deal is more likely post-draft

Rudy Gobert has been rumored to the Hawks for months and the results of the draft improves Atlanta’s offer for the 3x DPOY

There’s more and more noise out there about a Rudy Gobert trade

The NBA trade rumors out there for Rudy Gobert are getting more and more frequent

More rumors that Quin Snyder is “likely going to end up leaving” the Utah Jazz

Things are not looking very good between the Jazz and Quin Snyder

New York Knicks not able to trade for Donovan Mitchell?

It doesn’t look like the Knicks are able to offer enough for Mitchell

NBA trade rumor: Utah Jazz have interest in OG Anunoby?

It makes sense for both sides if they can make it happen

NBA Trade Rumor: Mike Conley to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

The trade rumors are coming!

3 deals to get Jazz back in the draft

Utah should look to acquire a pick in this year’s draft as an attempt to reverse the cycle of no emerging and contributing talent that sustain winning teams across eras

Are the Lakers still hoping to land Quin Snyder as their new head coach?

It looks like the Lakers are waiting on what happens with Quin Snyder this offseason to make a final decision with their coach

Dallas Mavericks interested in trading for Rudy Gobert?

Where there’s smoke....