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Trades & Transactions

Jazz buy out Perkins, who joins Cavaliers

"I will remember you . . . " - Sarah McLachlan

Utah Jazz Trade Deadline Grades!

The Jazz were graded by ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CBS, NBC, Yahoo!Sports, etc. How'd they do?

Jazz Jam Session: Kanter trade reactions

It's like the show Cheers, but no alcohol, and more Utah Jazz talk

CHI, CLE, LAC all want Perkins? Come and claim him

Sometimes it's just nice to feel wanted

Jazz now own a bazillion future Draft Picks

Dennis Lindsey is getting assets . . . and he has a lot of them now.

OKC / DET / UTA trade explained!

How does this trade fit into the big picture?

Updated Utah Jazz Salary post-Trade Deadline Deals

Find out how much we're paying Kendrick Perkins!

Enes Kanter traded to the Thunder in 3-way deal

So long young man

NBA Trade Deadline 2015: All Day Open Thread

All of the trade talk, all the rumors, all day long.

This stream has:

NBA Trade Deadline 2015: Breaking News Stream

Today is the last day this season for NBA teams to make a trade. Will the Jazz?

NBA Trade Deadline 2015

Today is the last day this season for NBA teams to make a trade. Will the Jazz?

Jazz should not rush to trade Enes Kanter

A primer on why team trade, which teams could trade with the Jazz, and my personal feelings on what to do with Enes Kanter.

Jazz sign Chris Johnson to 10-Day Contract

Welcome to the Jazz, Chris!

Jazz sign Elliot Williams to 2nd 10-Day Contract

Now two of the three NBA-DL players who were called up made it to their second 10 day contract!

Jazz sign Elijah Millsap to second 10-Day Contract

We love Millsap, and apparently the Utah Jazz do too!

Jazz Roster: Dennis Lindsey must be a wizard

Dennis Lindsey's plan is coming together, even if there are a few bumps in the road

Utah Jazz sign Elliot Williams to 10 day contract

As suspected the Utah Jazz didn't waste any time filling up that 15 man roster

Utah Jazz waive SG Patrick Christopher

The revolving door of NBA-DL players continues

Jazz rumored to be signing E.Williams to 10-day

The Utah Jazz are planning to sign Williams to a 10-day contract

This stream has:

Utah Jazz Officially sign Elijah Millsap

This is the story stream for all the info !

Utah Jazz Official Press Release Notes

It's official, Jazz add Baby Sap!

Toure' Murry waived, roster now sits at 14

So long, sweet prince . . .

Utah Jazz Trade History: In-season trades?

How likely is it that the Jazz are going to make a mid-season trade? What does history tell us?

NBA Trade Rumors: Quiet on the Jazz front

This team is far from complete, is there any trade chatter?

NBA Free Agency: Jazz call up Patrick Christopher

There's a new kid in town, and by kid, I guess old man, as he's 26 years old, and that's old for this team

Trade Rumor: AK-47 to UTA for Jeremy and Toure'

ESPN's Marc Stein offers up alternative rumor to AK-47 to Cleveland Cavaliers

AK47 out of BKN rotation, would you want him back?

Lionel Hollins has no use for AK-47, and Andrei isn't even going on road trips with the team now

Jazz assign Toure' Murry to Idaho Stampede

So he's not going to be playing in NYC tonight . . . but he is playing, and likely starting, tonight in Idaho!

Utah Jazz waive Jordan Hamilton

Roster now back down to 14

Updated: Actual Utah Jazz salary structure w Burks

Thanks to BBAll Insiders

Assessing Jazz financial flexibility post-Burk$

...because you know you're only going to get massive walls of text from the other sites out there...

Utah Jazz, Alec Burks agree to extension

According to the latest WojBomb, the Jazz have locked up talented scorer Alec Burks for the next four years.