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Talking the James Harden Trade and Goofy NBA Predictions - Clark and Andy Podcast 8

A new podcast for the new season.


I already posted this in today's downbeat, but I wanted to create a separate post so that it goes into the podcasts section.

In this week's episode, Clark and Andy break down the surprising James Harden trade from the perspective of the Thunder, the Jazz, the Western Conference, and the whole NBA. Little analysis is spent on how the Harden trade affects the greater universe. Then, the team makes silly predictions for the 2012-2013 Utah Jazz season; not win totals, but who will get fined first for flopping? Then trivia! Who is the shortest Jazz player ever?

Click below to listen to the podcast, or as always, feel free to listen on iTunes or Stitcher Radio.

Clark and Andy Show #8 - Harden trade + Goofy Preseason Predictions