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A Prediction and Suggestion for Each Player on The Roster - Clark and Andy Podcast #5

In this week's podcast, Clark and Andy go down the roster and make one suggestion and prediction for each player on the roster.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

We've renamed the show to, tentatively, the "Clark and Andy Show", because of course, we are no longer the only SLCDunk podcast, there's one other much better and more famous one run by Mr. Spencer Campbell. We are taking suggestions.

On this week's podcast, Clark and I talk about this absurdly full Jazz roster. What does each player need to do to improve, and help this team win... something? On the other hand, what does each player's upcoming season actually look like: massive success, or huge disappointment?

If you're curious, listen to the new Clark and Andy podcast, featuring yet another incredibly awkward Andy introduction!

Podcast #5 - Predictions and Suggestions

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