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NBA Podcast: Trey Burke 's parents give exclusive interview after son's successful operation, discuss development and adversity

US Presswire Russ Isabella

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the Utah Jazz wheeled and dealed at the NBA Draft to pick up Michigan Wolverine point guard Trey Burke. Burke took Michigan to the National Championship game as the lead guard, and while we know him to be a team player he also picked up a trophy chest's worth of individual awards on his way to the finals. He sustained a right index finger (middle phalynx) injury during a preseason game against the Los Angeles Clippers (thanks, you guys really made yourselves hated even more by us). After sustaining the injury, Trey continued to play because he's such a gamer. The Jazz had to hold him out of the second half and it was for the better -- because he did need surgery.

He had successful surgery yesterday (Oct 15th, 2013), and if you wish you can read the Utah Jazz report on it here. They add on twitter that:

Well, the reports look good. But sometimes you're not so sure unless you hear it from people who really are in the know. I got a chance to talk with the Burke family later on that afternoon, after they had left the hospital and set their son to relax and recover. Father Benji and mother Ronda were a delight to speak with and I was blown away at how open and generous they were with their time. They reassured me that everything went fine, and Trey's father Benji (also his agent) confirmed what the press release stated -- Trey will be back up and active in "three or four" weeks. That's great news because I expect our point guard to have mutant healing powers and when re-evaluated will be given a green-ish light. (That said, if we want to make things easy on him -- six weeks could be an easier entry point into the season, but if he's ready I doubt the team can keep him out of the lineup.)

This is a short interview because of the circumstances, but we had originally planned for a longer one. That said, we did talk about our original topic quite a bit during this interview. I was struck by how well Benji and Ronda worked as a team. Talking with them it was apparent that they were definitely in synch with one another. It makes sense because both have experience with being a part of a team (basketball and track). They were able to help channel their experiences towards helping their children reach their goals. Being a Jazz fan, I focused on Trey's development and how he had overcome adversity.

Benji preached patience for Jazz fans for a bright future. Ronda talked about a particularly difficult experience for Trey back in high school. We did not get a chance to talk about the NBA Draft, I would love to compare their story of that day with mine. Maybe another day . . . .

Anyway listen to these stories, and others, in the full interview here below!

Thanks again to Benji and Ronda Burke. They were great. I am improving. Follow them on twitter @BenjiB10 and @RondaBurke2

And if you are a Michigan Wolverines fan -- listen to this podcast too because the Burkes have a special message for you! Also, yes, I know. More podcasts asap. I'll also get them on iTunes and Stitcher.