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Utah Jazz at Houston Rockets Post Game Video

In this postgame video, the Clark and Andy duo are drafted together to talk about the game, the big issues for the team ahead, and... Clark tries to drink a gallon of milk in an hour.

Scott Halleran

Will Clark succeed at his mission? Does Utah's comeback against Houston mean anything? Is Zach Lowe the best sportswriter, period, right now? Is it Al Jefferson or Ty Corbin's fault? Should Ty Corbin be coach next year? What do we not know about this team that would make us understand the decisions? Can Andy run a show by himself when Clark's computer fails? Is San Antonio a must win? Is the Jazz defensive system good? Who leads the Jazz all time in FG%? Is the big lineup good? Is going to the bathroom cheating during a Gallon Challenge? Will the Jazz make the playoffs?

All of those questions will be answered in tonight's post game video! It's only... really long. You can watch it below.

Utah Jazz vs. Houston Rockets 3/20/13 Postgame Video (via Andy Larsen)