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Utah Jazz Season Highlights Open Thread

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The season is far from over, but right now there's some crazy stuff happening. Let's focus on some of the things in Utah Jazz land this season that made us all smile?

Remember Jeremy Evans and his two big plays against the Los Angeles Clippers?

Or his performance in the dunk contest?

What about Gordon Hayward 's game winner against the Kings?

Or Enes Kanter 's 20/20 game against the Bobcats?

I actually thought that Derrick Favors ' big game against the Bucks was more important

Our team had a lot of fun early season memories too, like Al Jefferson 's performance against the Raptors

And Mo Williams ' big shot to beat the Spurs!

In the comments section please be good to one another, and list some of your favorite moments of this season. And remember -- we have at least 2 more games to make great moments from this season with as well!

Go Jazz Go!