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NBA Draft and Free Agency: Tom Lorenzo of Nets Daily sits down for a chat with Mychal and Amar


Tom Lorenzo is an awesome guy, he is the Managing Editor of the SB Nation team blog for the Brooklyn Nets, a position that he also had held with the SB Nation team blog for the Memphis Grizzlies back in the day. Before we get any farther you should be visiting Nets Daily and follow him on twitter @TomLorenzo !

Now, Tom took time out of his cool Big Apple Friday night to talk with two Utah Jazz fans who live in the midwest. He regaled us with stories of both bright lights and big cities. We also talked about:

  • the NBA Draft (this was Tom's second year going),
  • the NBA Draft Combine,
  • the Nets and all their moves this off-season,
  • including the most recent signing of Andrei Kirlenko and how that reunites him with Deron Williams
  • the direction they are in
  • big market teams vs small market teams
  • small market strategy, looking at the Oklahoma City Thunder, Memphis Grizzlies, and San Antonio Spurs and their respective models
  • the proverbial "win-win" of the D-Will trade for Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter, Devin Harris Marvin Williams, and the future pick that became Gorgui Dieng, whom we traded with Shabazz Muhammad for Trey Burke

It's a fun chat. Watch all of it, where we randomly give shout outs to our most loyal viewers!