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NBA Free Agency 2013: Utah Jazz impressions and opinions -- Amar is a guest on the Phil Naessens' show!


You may not have heard much about Phil Naessens (@FlashTennis31), but he's worked with a lot of SB Nation blogs and bloggers before. He knows his stuff -- and knows most of what's happening in the sporting world. He was gracious enough to have me on his show a few days ago -- and you can catch all of it on his site here.

Or if you are lazy (I'm looking at you MyLo), you can listen to it here.

I talk about the Utah Jazz, Al Jefferson, the NBA Draft, Trey Burke, Tyrone Corbin, and just what are we doing. You may be surprised to hear some of my comments -- I was surprised to say them myself.

And special big ups to my big bro in blogging, J.R. Wilco -- the head honcho of the SB Nation. San Antonio Spurs blog Pounding The Rock. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have even BEEN on this show. (So if I did a bad job, I guess, blame him. Ha ha!)