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NBA Draft 2013: Utah Jazz moved up for Trey Burke, Oklahoma City Thunder reload with Steven Adams, and Domestic vs Foreign Players

Mike Stobe

The super organized Phil Naessens (@FlashTennis31), who has worked with a lot of SB Nation blogs and bloggers before, had me on the show again. This is beginning to be habit forming, and like last time, we recorded something -- and you can catch all of it on his site here.

We attempted to talk about the North West division, but easily dismiss it as the Oklahoma City Thunder 's to lose. Curiously, all of the teams in this division are small market teams (Thunder, Trail Blazers, Nuggets, Jazz, and Timberwolves) -- despite the fact that Denver, Portland, and Minneapolis - Saint Paul being pretty serious centers. Of course, it all devolves into talking about Trey Burke, and the idea of being "ready" for the NBA. Should domestic guys stay in school? How do South American and European players compare? Zero awkward pauses!

And special big ups to my big bro in blogging, J.R. Wilco -- the head honcho of the SB Nation. San Antonio Spurs blog Pounding The Rock. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have even BEEN on this show. (So if I did a bad job, I guess, blame him. Ha ha!)