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NBA 2013 Preview: New SLC Dunk Podcast -- Michigan's Trey Burke to play a lot or a little for the Utah Jazz?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone, I can't tell you how many hours of work went into this. Well, maybe I will at the cast after-party. We're not there yet. Where are we? We're at the beginning of a brave new world -- the start of our new SLC Dunk Podcast. Check it out here.

Don't worry, Spencer's amazing Podcast is going to continue and be our major money maker. This one is just going to be there to facilitate communication between different groups of people and look at storylines. It's all good. Don't worry. Do not be alarmed.

In this podcast we introduce what it is, and talk about Utah Jazz point guard Trey Burke, our bigs Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter, and of course, Gordon Hayward as a leader and Alec Burks as a guy who actually gets out on the floor.

It's more than just Utah Jazz news though. There are significant portions of NBA news; in this one we talk about the Phoenix Suns (you'll never guess why), the Milwaukee Bucks, Indiana Pacers , Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, Charlotte Bobcats, Brooklyn Nets. . . and more. (So if you like Deron Williams, David West, or Kelly Olynyk . . . you should listen.)

It's fun. It's long. And we're doing it because so many people have asked for it in e-mail. And this is just the beginning -- you'll never guess which guests we have lined up to join our normal SLC Dunk contributors in Podcast #2.