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Utah Jazz notes, Trading for Andrew Bynum, the draft Wheel and more

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After a long hiatus (weather related, for more info read up on it here, here, and here) I got a chance to talk with Phil Naessens (@FlashTennis31) about the Utah Jazz, and the NBA in general. We talk about the Jazz, about the then idea of trading Richard Jefferson for Andrew Bynum (this was recorded Sunday night), Trey Burke improving and other stuff. Here's Phil's words on the subject:

Segment 1: SLC Dunk Managing Editor Amar joins Phil to discuss whether or not the Utah Jazz should be tanking, Trey Burke, trading for Andrew Bynum, Ty Corbin and much more.

Segment 2: SLC Dunk Managing Editor Amar joins Phil to discuss the proposed Wheel that is supposed to prevent tanking and look at the NBA Western Conference seeding and much more.

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The Phil Naessens Show can be heard Monday thru Friday at Max Sports ChannelsTalk Superstation, Armed Forces Radio NetworkKozmik RadioFirst Online Radio and Baseball Podcasts

Yes, I'm that lazy today, ha ha. Anyway, check out those links, and play the free Fantasy bball. It's fun. AND click on this link to listen to the Podcast on his site, or just click on the thingy down below.

As always, you can follow Phil on twitter, and if you have any suggestions on what you want us to talk about, you can always drop us a line down below in the comments section!