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Utah Jazz Podcast: Coach Quin Snyder makes loud noises, and developing an on court style

The Utah Jazz have something special here, but they need an attitude.

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

OH MY UTAH JAZZ! This team is so crazy. And they need someone crazy to talk about them. So Phil Naessens had me on to lead off his show to talk about the Jazz. Catch it all here at his blog, or just listen below!

  • Quin Snyder 's technical foul

Via Basketball John

  • Alec Burks doing Alec Burks things
  • Sloppy play early vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Probably the only time I'll ever give Thunder some props on defense
  • The requisite Anthony Mason / Charles Oakley reference
  • Coffee and Alcohol in SLC -- who can hook us up with the rules?
  • Injury update on rookie Rodney Hood (and a poor anatomy lesson)
  • All-Stars (it's early), or how do you categorize Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors
  • Incremental steps
  • Detlef Schrempf as an analog for Gordon Hayward? (Good team, great play?)
  • Three measuring stick games -- @ Golden State Warriors, vs New Orleans Pelicans, vs Chicago Bulls
  • How do you defend the three (#1 defensive problem)?
  • How do you deal with amazing talent in one on one situations?
  • How do you score against an amazing defense?
  • How does this team want to be known as? Defensive team?
  • Have that mentality / attitude that leads to having a definitive style on the court
  • Can this Jazz team be a little bit more like the Detroit Pistons "Bad Boys" ?
  • "...going from 16 wins to being a two-time champion..."
  • Dante Exum / Trey Burke -- where do they fit together, how do you manage their minutes
  • Random shout-out to Trevor Booker

Thanks again Phil for having me on the show to talk Utah Jazz basketball. It's the best part of my week.