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Utah Jazz rookie Dante Exum swishes a 70 foot shot . . . by kicking an Aussie rules football

Some people have skills, and then there's Dante Exum nailing this from 20+ meters out.

Michael Dodge/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz made the right choice by drafting Dante Exum at #5 this year. He's not playing a lot of minutes right now, but that's likely to go up and up as he gets more familiar with the pace of the NBA game. The teen has drool-worthy potential though, and displays some of his natural ability with this amazing kick!

Via: North Melbourne Football club and Believe the Hype Podcast

Yes, this is awesome. Also, check out the Believe the Hype page to see a video of Joe Ingles nearly duplicate the feat with a Rugby ball and a back pass.

This is a fun team, and they'll start winning again soon. Let's enjoy the growing process.