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NBA Podcast: Utah Jazz afterglow after San Antonio Spurs win and Ante Tomic's decision

How the Spurs win indicates what's going right with the team in this difficult learning season, and Ante Tomic talk

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Once again I was a guest on the Phil Naessens' show to talk about the Utah Jazz. This was recorded on Wednesday, but I am lazy. It was directly after the Utah Jazz beat the San Antonio Spurs, and there's a little afterglow going on. I lead off his podcast talking about our favorite team.

Listen here at his site, or be lazy like I am, and listen here.


  • San Antonio Spurs aren't lucky in Utah when the Jazz are losing
  • The first complete game of the season
  • Matt Bonner can't check Derrick Favors
  • No Tony Parker / Tiago Splitter / Patty Mills excuses
  • Tim Duncan is good, but no longer good enough to beat a time by himself
  • Enes Kanter's tech is evidence of showing passion
  • The team, from top down, is more passionate this season -- could be a product of their head coaching personality (Quin Snyder vs. Tyrone Corbin)
  • Ante Tomic . . . (deep sigh)
  • Looking at the Miami Heat, Washington Wizards, and New Orleans Hornets games
  • Adjusting to teams that may or may not go with two bigs

Listen to the rest of the podcast, there's more bball talk, and thanks again Phil for having me on so consistently. Follow him on twitter folks! @FlashTennis31