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NBA Trade Rumors: What assets do the Utah Jazz have right now?

A great solo vid by Nathan where he talks about the big picture

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Nathan Baxter did a great solo video super late at night where he looks at how the Utah Jazz can improve. It's important to recognize that while the NBA Draft is a bigger thing for a lotto team, he astutely recognizes that a complete team comes through with trades and free agency. With December 15th coming up very soon there's going to be more and more trade talk.

It's obvious that Quin Synder is almost as hyped for the team as Nathan is. I love Bax's passion for the Jazz, and yes, we're going to have to do more videos soon. And for reals, I love the attitude our team needs to have. I agree 100% on the necessity for a little more toughness.

Also, love this vid Moni got from the broadcast of Nate on TV, during the Spurs game.

Go Jazz Go!