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NBA Podcast: Are the Brooklyn Nets really putting Deron Williams on the block? How badly do the New York Knicks want to get rid of Carmelo Anthony?

I pinch hit on national topics and don't do as horribly as I would expect

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Naessens had me on yesterday's show because I'm clearly the only loser who is available on short notice. It's really cool for me to be on NBA Podcasts that also have Matt Moore (HP, CBS, everything) on as a guest as well. I did horribly talking about the bigger national stories surrounding the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. I start off this show talking NY ball, then come back at the end to talk Brooklyn.

Listen to it here, at Phil's site; or just be lazy and listen to it below.

New York Knicks topics (0:00):

  • How embarrassing it is to be a Knicks fan right now
  • Carmelo Anthony is the source of their problems
  • The Narrative vs. the Roster
  • J.R. Smith is J.R. Smith, Samuel Dalembert isn't Tyson Chandler, and so forth
  • Melo causing division instead of bringing the team together, as a leader should
  • Perhaps Tim Hardaway Jr. isn't in the wrong here . . .
  • OMG SO MUCH Derek Fisher hate
  • The Knicks culture is really bad, even with Phil Jackson back
  • So is it James Dolan's fault, or Melo?
  • What can the fans support?

Brooklyn Nets topics (30:28):

  • Another case of being good on paper, but bad on the court
  • Super hasty build / House on sand concept
  • Trade for Deron Williams pretty much gutted them, then big owner threw money at problem, not brains
  • Still a playoff team in the East, but may be blowing things up now
  • "Playing the game vs. not-leading the team."
  • The hilarity of the Chris Paul / Deron Williams thing
  • Joe Johnson / Brook Lopez / Kevin Garnett -- age and injuries make trading them harder
  • The classic Billy King mess
  • Good players who don't win when they should most likely ends up with coaching problems: Jason Kidd wasn't good, Lionel Hollins is somehow worse
  • Coach Killer talk
  • Maybe the Nets do need to make changes because the big parts don't all work well together
  • Andrei Kirilenko / Brandon Davies trade is just so crazy when you think about it
  • There's no single point to place blame, but all together, there are big problems in Brooklyn
  • Where does AK-47 wind up? Utah Jazz, maybe?

Thanks again Phil for having me on the show, and letting me get away with using the word endemic on sports radio.