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NBA Podcast: Utah Jazz are losing games, but losing better. But still losing.

Some Miami Heat / Utah Jazz talk, but more on the big picture issues with this team

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Another week, another podcast with Phil Naessens! I lead off his show today with a little of everything -- some love to the New Orleans Pelicans, some predictions for what the Miami Heat will do, but mostly Utah Jazz talk! Check it all out over at Phil's site here, or just be lazy and listen below.

What did we talk about?
  • Roster redundancy vs. Roster Talent
  • "Losing better"
  • The team is still losing though . . . ho-hum
  • The Jazz backcourt (Trey Burke and Alec Burks) is dead last in efficiency, but what does that even mean?
  • Of course, missing shots hurts this pair
  • Do scouts look at the Jazz back-court as a point to specifically attack?
  • Obviously it's harder to score on a group that includes Derrick Favors, Rudy Gobert, Trevor Booker, and Enes Kanter
  • #UTAatMIA talk
  • Miami's poor pattern this season
  • Where do you attack them? There's no John Wall on the Miami Heat, but there are guys like Norris Cole, Mario Chalmers, and Shabazz Napier
  • Is this a break-out period for Dante Exum?
  • It's hard to develop everyone at the same time, decisions will have to be made
  • Derrick Favors ' status for tonight -- but him being out allows for more Rudy Gobert!

Thanks again Phil for having me on as a guest. I really appreciate it.