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NBA Podcast: Utah Jazz hire Quin Snyder, reactions; and the NBA Finals reverse jinx

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Streeter Lecka

I like being wrong about things. It makes life a little more fun when you are right. Before Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat I was on the Phil Naessens show again. I suggested that Miami would win, with some manner of ease. The opposite happened. I guess this is a reverse jinx because it was recorded hours before the game. Thankfully, I'm not always right or wrong. Sometimes I'm just in the middle.

And that's where we have it when I also talked with Phil about the Utah Jazz, specifically about the Quin Snyder hiring, and answer some questions about Gordon Hayward. Do the Jazz have any contingencies for if they can't re-sign him?

Visit his blog, or take a listen here.

Segment 1: (0:00 - 15:40)

  • The Quin Snyder signing
  • Changes to the offense and defense
  • Communication
  • Is he the next long-term coach, or just another transition coach?
  • Coach K influence / Spurs influence
  • Gordon Hayward contingencies
  • Filling out wing depth
  • . . . the return of Andrei Kirilenko?
  • The NBA Draft, trading up, and what would you be giving up?


Segment 2: (19:41-34:44)

  • Amar puts his foot in his mouth by trashing the San Antonio Spurs
  • We talk about other stuff too, though . . .
  • . . . like the other coaches in the NBA,
  • Derek Fisher and the New York Knicks . . . and well . . . I can't be quiet about that guy.


If you are the Jazz do you have a contingency for if Hayward walks? Or do you never let it get that far? If you do have a contingency - -what is it?