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NBA Podcast: Is Tim Duncan the best power forward of all time, Miami Heat dunzo, and more

Some fans are crazy. But that is what makes us fans.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Naessens and I were at it again (last week) and we discussed a few post- NBA Finals things. Obviously, we had to apologize to the San Antonio Spurs, and tell the Miami Heat fans to man up.

Check out the podcast here, or listen below.

Segment 1: (0:00 - 15:20)

  • The San Antonio Spurs
  • The Miami Heat
  • LeBron James goes to four straight finals, is this something to be happy or sad about
  • Rise and fall of contenders
  • Legacies
  • Gregg Popovich

Segment 2: (19:20 - 34:39)

  • Fan Questions
  • Does winning five titles make Tim Duncan a Top 5 player ALL-TIME?
  • Team success vs. Individual success
  • Is Tim Duncan the the Power Forward of ALL-TIME at least?
  • I reveal a little bit too much about myself
  • What about Karl Malone?
  • Do titles even matter that much when making these ranks? Or do they matter too much?
  • Charles Barkley vs Karl Malone

I really can't accept the idea that Duncan, a guy now with five rings, is the best PF of all time. He did not dominate all of his career, and the last time he led his team in scoring (aka being the straw that stirs the drink) was YEAAAARSSS ago.

I'm obviously biased, but hey. Whatever. It's my blog.