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NBA Draft 2014: Utah Jazz picks, trades, and free agency worries

Mike Stobe

Last night Phil Naessen's and I recorded another two segments.If you care about the Utah Jazz or the NBA Draft *and* a quick primer on the NBA Free Agency market this was a good pod to check out at his site, or just down below:

Segment 1: (0:00-15:26)

  • Free Agency big names, who opted in, and who opted out (LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, etc)
  • NBA Draft
  • Jabari Parker, is he the #1 right now?
  • Andrew Wiggins, the full circle of hype
  • What a lottery team wants
  • Is there a franchise savior in this draft still?
  • Michael Carter-Williams influence upon Dante Exum's stock?
  • The eventual Aaron Gordon / Utah Jazz marriage, does Julius Randle play the part of the Lothario?
  • Nik Stauskas -- floor spacer or more?
  • Anthony Bennett memories

Segment 2: (39:10-55:07)

  • Utah Jazz moving up, down, staying put?
  • Can they sign a big name free agent?
  • Capspace, smapspace
  • Lessons from the whole Elton Brand / Corey Maggette saga
  • Point guard help . . . in Mo Williams?
  • Mike Miller -time in Utah?
  • Are young guys Alec Burks and Enes Kanter really on the trade block, or is it just conjecture?
  • The Jazz rumors for the Cleveland Cavaliers #1 pick, do the Jazz have the assets? Is it worth it?

Yeah. Now I *really* need to start packing my bag for my flight . . . last second, buzzer beater coming up, I hope.