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NBA Summer League 2014: Trey Burke and Malcolm Thomas highlight videos from Game 3 by MemoIsMoney

Adam is the best, and you all need to follow him @prodigyJF

Christian Petersen

So Game 3 of the Las Vegas Summer League had the Utah Jazz demolish the Denver Nuggets -- and they did so without bigman Rudy Gobert in the lineup. You need to read Peter's behind the scenes recap of the night, including his exclusive interview videos here. The boring "player x did y" quick recap can be found here. But within this game Utah Jazz fans saw very two important things:

  • The first is that Trey Burke started to look like Trey Burke again, and had a good night. Trey had 11 points, shot 50 fg%, grabbed 6 rebounds, and added 3 assists. He had a +/- of +13 and his play made the blowout possible.
  • And Malcolm Thomas, now with one fewer forward spot on the team available, really showed up big with Rudy Gobert out. He had 14 points and 10 rebounds, and also added 3 assists, 2 blocks, and 1 steal.

Because our Jazz fan community never stops providing great content for all of our benefit, MemoIsMoney (YT) / @ProdigyJF (Twitter) / Adam (his actual name) put out two new videos last night. One of Trey and one of Malcolm. So let's watch!

Thanks a lot Adam, and please everyone follow @ProdigyJF on twitter. Dude needs more followers! And Go Jazz Go!