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NBA Draft 2014 Podcast: Andrew Wiggins, Dante Exum, Jason Kidd to Bucks, and Utah Jazz questions

General NBA news and Utah Jazz specifics!

Mike Stobe

One again someone nice like Phil Naessens was taking pity on me and listened to me talk nonsense for nearly an hour. On the most recent show we talked about a few crazy things in the NBA right now, and also talked a bit about the NBA Draft (Why not?). Of course, segment two is all about the Utah Jazz and specifics about their off-season and the players they got in the NBA Draft (Dante Exum, Rodney Hood), and why the heck did they trade away Jarnell Stokes?

Check it all out at Phil's site here, or just click below:

Segment one [0:00 - 15:58]

  • The whole shadiness of the Jason Kidd / Larry Drew
  • Billy King is not someone to mess with, and the Brooklyn Nets are his team, not Jason Kidd's
  • What did Larry Drew do to lose his job with the Milwaukee Bucks
  • Why isn't Kidd going to get 'black balled' for his actions?
  • I can't stop talking about Toni Braxton (Who can?)
  • Jason Kidd's end game
  • What is Larry Frank going to say?
  • NBA Draft talk!!
  • Seriously, Bruno Caboclo? (Video here)
  • Surprises -- interactions, Philadelphia 76ers, Canada Basketball
  • Teasers for next week!

Segment two [39:40 - 55:02]

  • Dante Exum #5
  • Draft planning vs. the chaos of draft night
  • Why draft a point guard when Trey Burke is already on the roster? Future plans?
  • Jazz drafting history and avoiding the whole Sam Bowie / Michael Jordan problem
  • Is there going to be a problem with a Dante Exum / Trey Burke backcourt?
  • Possible switches within the Quin Snyder offense, and potential alcoholism!
  • Does this draft pick cause concern for Alec Burks, or will everything work out?
  • Rodney Hood #23
  • Projections vs. Reality
  • What ever happened to Noah Vonleh?
  • Jarnell Stokes #35
  • Why did they trade him?
  • Official answer isn't crazy
  • Lessons from the rookie seasons of Trey Burke, Rudy Gobert, and Ian Clark.
  • How much is too much for Gordon Hayward on the free agency market.
  • Crazy money so far this off-season means more money for Hayward?

Follow Phil on twitter @FlashTennis31 and keep listening. Lots of free agency talk next week!