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Utah Jazz Podcast: Mark Eaton and Adam Ryan talk about the Utah Jazz, college, and humble beginnings


Not this guy.
Not this guy.

Adam Ryan, an amazing NBA fan and historian took some time out to chat with Utah Jazz legend Mark Eaton . They recorded a 40+ minute podcast that talks about his early life, his pre basketball years, getting advice from Wilt Chamberlain , and of course, his time on the court in the NBA.

Check out Adam's site here. With his permission I asked for the embed code so I can put up the podcast here too, for you lazy people who have run out of clicks to give during a day : )

This is great stuff, and thanks Adam for putting this online. You can follow him at @inallairness on twitter, and check out his archives for lots of other great podcasts! As for Big Mark Eaton, I really hope he can teach Rudy Gobert a thing or three.