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Utah Jazz Podcast: Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers is a bad look, Utah Jazz summer league impressions, and star power

Phil and I were at it again!

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Phil (@FlashTennis31) and I were back at it again, with two segments talking about how dumb the Cleveland Cavaliers would be to mortgage their future for Kevin Love; and we also talked about the Utah Jazz. MINUTES after we stopped recording the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Utah Jazz made a trade, with the hopes of making a future trade for Kevin Love. Life is hilarious.

So, with that in mind, hear our unfiltered comments about how dumb Cleveland would have to be to pursue this type of action. And yes, there's plenty of Jazz talk as well in the final segment of the show.


1st Section

  • Kevin Love -- with Cleveland
  • Kevin Love -- with the Golden State Warriors
  • Dwight Howard saying that he's not going to miss Chandler Parsons
  • Andrew Wiggins, seriously guys.

2nd Section

Thanks again for having me on the show Phil! It's always a pleasure.