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NBA Podcast: Utah Jazz are hanging in there, while players take giant steps

This is a small step for the Utah Jazz, but a giant leap for some of their players!

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Naessens had me on the show to start things off and talk Utah Jazz basketball. I had a blast, and we got into some development banter. And, well, I try to slander the good name of DeMarcus Cousins. Which is like one of the things I bring into regular conversation with non-basketball people all the time. Listen to the podcast here, or click below:

  • National opinion vs. Jazz fan opinion
  • Hanging into games that they would have lost last year, and lost in the first half
  • Losing "better"?
  • Oklahoma City Thunder were actually 'excited' about beating the Utah Jazz
  • Going +0 in +/- on their road trip against three teams that consider themselves contenders
  • Small steps for the team -- but giant steps for the players
  • Rudy Gobert - duh
  • Derrick Favors - beastmode shaking that chip off of his shoulder
  • Enes Kanter - back from injury, back to business
  • Trey Burke - playing like a point guard
  • Gordon Hayward - an All-Star snub
  • rotation gambles because of injures
  • injuries also made things a little more fun for Quin Snyder
  • Amar is still in love with a starting line-up that no one likes . . .
  • . . . but understands who SHOULD be starting in the future
  • Hating on Kobe Bryant and his All-Star status (NECESSARY)
  • The Lakers game is a must-win
  • GO BUY TICKETS FOR THIS GAME and BOO he LAKERS! (and Carlos Boozer!)

Thanks again Phil for having me on the show, this was a lot of fun! GO JAZZ GO! (Also Euroleague talk and other NBA talk on the show after I stop talking!)